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potatoe (plural potatoes)

  1. Obsolete spelling of potato
    • 1842, William Henry Hyett, “Experiments on the growth of the Potatoe”, in Journal of the Farmers' Club[1]:
      Mr. Hyett submitted to the meeting the following account of a series of experiments which he had tried upon the cultivation of the potatoe during the season just ended []
    • 1846, Charles Palfray Bosson, chapter I, in Observations on the Potatoe, and a Remedy for the Potatoe Plague[2], page 3:
      The Potatoe now in use, (Solanum tuberosum,) was brought to England by the Colonists sent out by Sir Walter Raleigh []
    • 1846, Alfred Smee, chapter III, in The potatoe plant, its uses and properties: together with the cause of the present malady[3], page 33:
      The potatoe plant in a state of health contains several ingredients, the most important of which are starch, albumen, and solanine.
    • 1859 September 3, Thomas Morris, “Case of poisoning by potatoe-berries”, in British Medical Journal, DOI:10.1136/bmj.s4-1.140.719-a, page 719:
      On Tuesday, the 7th of August, about six, P.M., I was summoned to attend Miss M. E. H., aged 14, the messenger stating she had eaten the berries of the potatoe plant, portions of which she showed me.