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præposition (plural præpositions)

  1. Obsolete spelling of preposition
    • 1815, George Dunbar, Prosodia græca, sive metrorum græcorum expositio: necnon dissertatio, anglice scripta, de usu digamma in homeri carminibus; ejusdemque regulis hexametrorum præcipuis: cui adjiciuntur iliadis liber primus et pars secundi, cum notis (Bell & Bradfute; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown), page 7:
      When I stated that ξυνήϊα was a compound word, and that the first part was the præposition ξὺν or σὺν, I should have added, that the latter seemed to me to be formed from ἐω or ἑω, to put or place, and that the word, so compounded, signified something put or placed together, probably contributions made by the people, in ancient times, to form a common stock.
    • 1887, Godfrey Kneller, The Family Memoirs of the Rev. William Stukeley: And the Antiquarian and Other Correspondence of William Stukeley, Roger & Samuel Gale, Etc (Andrews & co.), page 190:
      In short, except in some compound words, where the præposition en comes before Σ, as ἐνσέιω, ἐνσημαίνω, the n is allmost universally dropped, and perhaps was here admitted to preserve a difference between the præposition and the augment.




From Latin praepositio.


  • IPA(key): /prɛposisjoːn/, [pʰʁ̥ɛpʰosiˈɕoːˀn]


præposition c (singular definite præpositionen, plural indefinite præpositioner)

  1. (grammar) preposition (a type of word like "of, from, for, by")