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præserve (plural præserves)

  1. Archaic spelling of preserve.


præserve (third-person singular simple present præserves or præserveth, present participle præserving, simple past and past participle præserved)

  1. Archaic spelling of preserve.
    • 1911: Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, volume 7, page 358 (self-published)
      Wherefore, I thought I must cry mightily unto the Lord, that He would mercifully direct me, and protect me, in all my feeble, but faithful, Endeavours to serve Him; and that he would particularly furnish me with Patience, to undergo all the Obloquy, whereto my Fidelity to His Interests may expose me, in an evil Generation, and præserve me from all the Devices of Satan ever to blast me with Reproaches, that may at all incapacitate me for eminent Serviceableness.