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pragmatical +‎ -ness


pragmaticalness (uncountable)

  1. The quality or state of being pragmatical.
    • (Can we date this quote?), Isaac Barrow, The Works of Dr. Isaac Barrow[1], volume 2, published 1830, page 115:
      I shall now farther only briefly propose some considerations inducing to quietness, and dissuasive from pragmaticalness; such as arise from the nature, properties, causes, and effects of each; serving to commend the one, and disparage the other.
    • 1840, Thomas Fuller, The history of the University of Cambridge[2]:
      It was the petulancy of the Puritans on the one side, and the pragmaticalness of the Jesuits on the other side, which made the breach wider than it was at the first : and had these hot spirits on both sides been charmed a while, moderate men might possibly have agreed on such equal terms, as would have laid a sure foundation for the peace of Christendom.
    • 1859, James Kendall, Eccentricity, Or, a Check to Censoriousness[3]:
      I believe that a few of my readers will need a little light on the subject of pragmaticalness.