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prana +‎ -ic


pranic (comparative more pranic, superlative most pranic)

  1. (yoga) Of or relating to prana.
    • 1936, Rollo Ahmed, The Black Art, London: Long, page 275:
      [I] have personally seen and heard nothing that may not be attributed to the subconscious mind and the strange magnetic force called Pranic Energy.
    In Yoga, we do not look at foods in terms of vitamins, minerals or proteins. We categorize food in the three following ways – positive pranic food, negative pranic food, and zero pranic food. Positive substances are those which, when consumed, add prana to the system. The pranic energy, the vital energy in the body, will increase. If you consume negative pranic substances, they will take away prana from the system. They will stimulate you on a nervous level but they will take away your vital energies. Zero pranic food neither adds nor takes away. It is only eaten for taste.