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prat +‎ -ery


prattery (uncountable)

  1. Foolishness or foolish behaviour.
    • 2004. March 13, “Ian G Batten” (username), “Re: haddock”, in uk.misc, Usenet,
      If an obviously egomanic twit makes wonderful music, should his prattery disqualify him?
    • 2004. July 20, Alastair Down, The Racing Post (London, England), article The Open and Shut Case of the Missing Hub-Caps.
      ...Paying sportsmen obscene sums of money does not necessarily mean they behave badly. Unlike football, there seems to be no correlation between fat cattery and prattery.
    • 2008. Jan 26, Simon Barnes, Tehran Times, article Keep Class Out of it. In sport you are either good enough, or you’re not,
      Marcus Willis... had been driving the coaches at the Lawn Tennis Association to distraction, and with this latest bit of prattery finally pushed his luck too far.
    • 1821. March, Sarah Spencer Lady Lyttelton. Correspondence of Sarah Spencer Lady Lyttelton 1787-1870 (Kessinger Publishing, 2006), page 234
      The Prattery are just come to town.
    • 1871. March 18, Edwin Norris, in The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot, Glasgow University[1]
      ...We have hunutu muttabbiltu, which must be instruments musical, see hunutu in my p. 291. I derive it from <unknown language> the viol, or prattery, your nabala.

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