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Alternative forms[edit]


From French première danseuse (unlisted in dictionaries of French); from première, feminine form of premier (first) + danseuse, feminine form of danseur (dancer); feminine form of premier danseur (first dancer).[1][2]


  • (Received Pronunciation) enPR: pʀəmyĕʀ däɴsöz, prĕ'mĭë dŏnsӛzʹ, prĕ'mĭë dänsӛzʹ, prĕ'mĭë dănsӛzʹ, IPA(key): /pʁəmjɛʁ dɑ̃søz/,[1] /ˌpɹɛmɪɛː dɒnˈsəːz/,[2] /ˌpɹɛmɪɛː dɑːnˈsəːz/,[2] /ˌpɹɛmɪɛː danˈsəːz/,[2]
  • (US) enPR: pʀəmyĕʀ däɴsöz, prəmi.ĕr' dänso͝ozʹ, IPA(key): /pʁəmjɛʁ dɑ̃søz/,[1] /pɹəmiˌɛɹ dɑnˈsʊz/,[2]


première danseuse (plural premières danseuses)

  1. (ballet) The lead female dancer in a ballet.
    • 1920, National Municipal League, National Civic Review, volume 9, page 152:
      They honestly thought they were doing good with it, and so they were — with what was left after the publicity man and the printer and the première danseuse had been paid.
    • 1931, Pierre Key and Irene E. Haynes, Pierre Key’s Musical Who’s who: A Biographical Survey of Contemporary Musicians, volume 1, page 64:
      The School remained under the management of Miss Margaret Curtis. Miss Rita De Leporte was Première Danseuse and Mr. Giuseppe Bonfiglio was Premier Danseur.
    • 1943, Albert Ernest Wier, Thesaurus of the Arts: Drama, Music, Radio, Painting, Screen, Television, Literature, Sculpture, Architecture, Ballet (G.P. Putnam’s Sons), page 148:
      [] in 1935 she joined the company formed by Leon Woizikowski, touring Germany, France and Spain, and became première danseuse of the Metropolitan Opera Company, New York.

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