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preprioceptive (comparative more preprioceptive, superlative most preprioceptive)

  1. (rare) Alternative form of proprioceptive
    • 1958, author unknown, Advances in the astronautical sciences, American Astronautical Society, volume 3, page xviii:
      This sensory output from the integumental surfaces and viscera may substitute for the normal gravity preprioceptive sensor outpourings; subject training by artificial re-enforcement of skin pressure clues may offer an adequate solution.
    • 1975, John W. Gyr, “The relationship between motor and visual-sensory processes in perception”, from Perceptual and Learning Disabilities in Children, editors W. M. Cruickshank and D. P. Hallahan, Syracuse, New York, Syracuse University Press, volume 2, pages 361–393:
      It should be noted that these are errors in direction, of knowing whether the eye had turned left or right. Nothing is said about the usefulness of preprioceptive feedback in telling the eye which exact point in space it is looking at.
    • 1993, Sukhan Lee, “A New Neural Net Approach to Robot 3D Perception and Visuo-Motor Coordination”, from Neural Networks in Robotics, editors George A. Bekey and Kenneth Y. Goldberg, Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-9268-X, page 332:
      Eckmiller [2] has shown through his experiment that human subjects undergo poor performance in accurately locating 3D points by hand without visual feedback, even though kinesthetic and preprioceptive feedbacks are present.