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presenced (not comparable)

  1. That has been presenced; that has been made present.
    • 1992, J. G. Hart, The Person and the Common Life: Studies in a Husserlian Social Ethics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, page 446,
      Doubtless there are occasions when the beauty of the heights of the ideal becomes uniquely profiled and the correlative fusion of I's becomes uniquely presenced, as perhaps in worship, great works of art, acts of heroism, mass political actions, etc.
    • 1994, Beryl C. Curt, Textuality and Tectonics: Troubling social and psychological science, Open University Press, page 62,
      [] every time you shift the degree of magnification, new complexity, new activity becomes presenced.
    • 2010, Christopher Tilley, Interpreting Landscapes: Geologies, Topographies, Identities, page 35,
      Building a monument, or a house, is a social act in which the relationship between earth and sky, people and the divine, becomes presenced at a particular place or is brought into coexistence in a performative act.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of presence