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From Latin praetermitto.


pretermit (third-person singular simple present pretermits, present participle pretermitting, simple past and past participle pretermitted)

  1. To intentionally disregard something, allow it to go unnoticed, or change the subject in response to someone's comment; to omit or fail to carry out something; to prematurely terminate or interrupt something.
    • 1651, Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, chapter 21, section 6
      The liberty of a subject lieth, therefore, only in those things which, in regulating their actions, the sovereign hath praetermitted (such as is the liberty to buy, and sell, and otherwise contract with one another; to choose their own abode, their own diet, their own trade of life, and institute their children as they themselves think fit; and the like).
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Derived terms[edit]