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From private + school.


  • IPA(key): /ˈpɹaɪvɪt ˈskuːl/, /ˈpɹaɪvət ˈskul/


private school (plural private schools)

  1. A fee-charging private or independent school.
    • 1953, Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia, Issue 39, page 218,
      The Roman Catholic schools comprise the largest group of private schools in Australia. On the basis of the figures available, approximately 222,000 children, or 76 per cent. of the total in private schools, are educated in Roman Catholic schools.
    • 1985, Simon Marginson, Education and Public Policy in Australia, page 202,
      If there were no public funding of private schools the level of enrolment would be very low. Demand for private schooling can only become effective demand if private school places are available at the right price.
    • 2002, M. D. R. Evans, Jonathan Kelley, Australian Economy and Society, 2001: Education, Work, and Welfare, page 67,
      Private schools and educational success Australia has long had three substantially separate streams of secondary education: government schools, Catholic schools, and a diverse collection of private schools not affiliated with the Catholic Church. Of the non-Catholic private schools, about two thirds are associated with Protestant churches - although only a minority have a strong religious character - and another third are non-denominational.

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