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Alternative forms[edit]


pro- +‎ death


prodeath (comparative more prodeath, superlative most prodeath)

  1. (US, politics, derogatory) pro-choice
    • 1982, "Abortion Clinics Prepare For New Law", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1982 December 8:
      A contrary view was expressed by Helen Cindrich, president of People Concerned for the Unborn Child.
      "He (Huyett) has not crumpled under the pressure of the well-funded prodeath profiteers," she said in a press release.
  2. (sometimes derogatory) Supporting capital punishment in a particular case or in general.
    • 1970, "Police Officials Testify For Death Penalty", The Owosso Argus-Press, 1970 February 5:
      Rep. Gustave Groat Sr., R-Battle Creek, summed up the sentiments of many of the prodeath witnesses when he declared []
    • 1982, "Court Hears Appeals By Convicted Killers", Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 1982 January 27:
      Despite its alleged predisposition, Dobbert's jury recommended a life sentence, 10-2, but Doherty argued that a prodeath jury is more likely to convict.
    • 1986, "Mentally Incompetent: Should They Be Protected From Execution?", The Argus-Press, 1986 April 4:
      "We believe the decision of competence should be made by a judge, not by the governor. The governor of this state is too prodeath [] The decision should be decided by a neutral judicial process," said Dick Burr, a public defender who raised the competency question for condemned inmate Alvin Ford.
    • 1994, Phoebe C. Ellsworth, "Some steps between attitudes and verdicts," in Inside the Juror: The Psychology of Juror Decision Making (ed. Reid Hastie), Cambridge University Press (1994), ISBN 0-521-47755-7:
      In contrast, the constellation of attitudes associated with the prodeath stance leads us to expect that these jurors would make more remarks in favor of the prosecution side of the case; []
  3. (biochemistry) triggering cell death
    • 2009, Jack Uetrecht, Adverse Drug Reactions
      Damage or injury to mitochondria can have profound effects on ATP and ROS levels, as well as release of prodeath proteins such as cytochrome c...