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Alternative forms[edit]


product +‎ -ize


productize (third-person singular simple present productizes, present participle productizing, simple past and past participle productized)

  1. (transitive) To make something into a commercial product.
    • 1990, AI Trends:
      The Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) provides its members with new technologies which they can productize as part of their membership in the consortium.
    • 2003, Dan Woods, Packaged Composite Applications: An O'Reilly Field Guide to Enterprise Software:
      Configurable processes are at the heart of the ESA platform. In this way, it productizes the integration of the underlying systems and provides the PCA developer with a homogenous model of the enterprise and the ability to define processes on top of that model.
    • 2010, Tidd Joe, Gaining Momentum: Managing The Diffusion Of Innovations:
      During the period of 1992–2003, Japan focused on productizing PV as a grid-tied, small-scale PV system (over 90% of which was a standardized residential rooftop system) accounting for over 90% of its overall cumulative PV installation.

Related terms[edit]