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A pronghorn


From prong +‎ horn.


pronghorn (plural pronghorn or pronghorns)

  1. A North American mammal, Antilocapra americana, that resembles an antelope.
    • 2002, National Research Council, Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range, unnumbered page,
      If historical records are accurate, the current population of about 250 pronghorn in the northern range is less than 15% of that in the early 1900s (YNP 1997) (Figure 4–7).
    • 2009, John A. Byers, Built for Speed: A Year in the Life of Pronghorn, page 6,
      When a pronghorn breaks into an easy, rocking canter (a 30 miles per hour pace that it can keep up indefinitely), the humerus swings back and forth over just a few inches with each stride. Only when a pronghorn stretches into a gallop does the humerus appear to be swinging freely, and then the hoof travels several yards with each stride.
    • 2011, Ted L. Clark, 13: Wildlife Management Programs, Goals, and Issues: The State Perspective, 1990, Raymond C. Telfair II (editor), Texas Wildlife Resources and Land Uses, page 220,
      For the 10-year period 1981-90 an additional 736 pronghorns were transplanted within the state.
      During 1980-90, pronghorn occupied about 13.5 million acres in the Trans-Pecos, High Plains, Rolling Plains, and Edwards Plateau ecological regions.



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