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propaganda +‎ -ize


propagandize (third-person singular simple present propagandizes, present participle propagandizing, simple past and past participle propagandized)

  1. (intransitive) To use or spread propaganda.
  2. (transitive) To tell propaganda to someone in an attempt to influence one's views.
    • 1987, Barbara Alpern Engel, Clifford N. Rosenthal, Five Sisters: Women Against the Tsar[1]:
      After we'd managed to make ourselves comfortable in this garret, my new friends began to propagandize me. All they knew about me was that I was a student []
  3. (transitive) To use something or someone in propaganda purposes.
    • 1989, Judith E. Zimmerman, Mid-Passage[2]:
      He propagandized this panacea with single-minded determination throughout the revolutionary period and even managed to establish a People's Bank for a short time before his arrest in 1849.