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propitiate +‎ -ive



propitiative (comparative more propitiative, superlative most propitiative)

  1. Serving to, or intended to, propitiate; propitiatory, reconciliatory
    • 1902, George Washington Cable, Bylow Hill[1]:
      The missive from Arthur was a short but complete and propitiative acknowledgment of his error and fraility.
    • 1908, Nathaniel Southgate Shaler, Domesticated Animals[2]:
      A friendly word will bring him to my hand; but his behavior is never effusive, as it would be if he had found his rightful owner, but mildly propitiative and with a touch of sadness.
    • 1914, George W. Cable, Gideon's Band[3]:
      The old commodore's eyes flashed to retort, but the senator forced a propitiative smile, adding: "However, let that pass just now, here's something else."