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  1. present participle of protest


protesting (plural protestings)

  1. Protestation.
    • 1599, William Shakespeare (attributed), The Passionate Pilgrim, [Poem 7],[1]
      Yet in the midst of all her pure protestings,
      Her faith, her oaths, her tears and all were jestings.
    • 1688, William Mountfort, The Injur’d Lovers, London: Samuel Manship, Act IV, Scene 1, p. 42,[2]
      Are not Vows binding, do we mock the Gods,
      When our Protestings summon ’em to Witness,
      Whether our Words keep measure with our Hearts?
    • 1779, Robert Jephson, The Law of Lombardy, London: T. Evans, Act I, Scene 1,[3]
      I’ve known more way made in a woman’s grace
      By such confederate arts, than could be won
      By a long siege of amorous enginry,
      Soft flatteries, sighs, protestings infinite,
      And all the fervor of impatient love.