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From either Middle Low German vrouwe, vruwe or German Frau.


proua (genitive proua, partitive prouat)

  1. ma'am, Mrs (as a title)
  2. a married woman
  3. a wealthy, upper-class or educated woman

Usage notes[edit]

In the military, proua is used as a title for all female soldiers, regardless of marital status.


Declension of proua (ÕS type 16/pere, no gradation)
singular plural
nominative proua prouad
accusative nom.
gen. proua
genitive prouade
partitive prouat prouasid
illative prouasse prouadesse
inessive prouas prouades
elative prouast prouadest
allative prouale prouadele
adessive proual prouadel
ablative proualt prouadelt
translative prouaks prouadeks
terminative prouani prouadeni
essive prouana prouadena
abessive prouata prouadeta
comitative prouaga prouadega