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proxy mine (plural proxy mines)

  1. (slang, weaponry, video games) A proximity mine; a mine that explodes when something approaches within a certain distance.
    • 2000: "twopinacoladas", review of The World is not Enough [1]
      In mid night departure (forest with the air control) base the frame rate ''SUCKS'' out side far worse then PD with 4 players 8 sims and proxy mines.
    • 2002: "yc", Super Smash Bros. Melee: Marth [2]
      Proxy mines are always good because the computer doesn't seem to defend against them.
    • 2004: "TerranRedneck", review of Custom Robo [3]
      Pods are like "little buddies" that help you out. Some buzz around your rivals head obscuring his vision and annoying him, some serve as proxy mines, while others simply bounce off the walls blowing up on the first bot they meet.
    • 2006: "ProtectorOne", Perfect Dark: Multiplayer Scenario FAQ [4]
      The proxy mines detonate when anyone comes near them (including the one who set the mine) and are absolutely wonderful for laying traps.
    • 2007: "UnknownMercernary", Die Hard: Vendetta: FAQ/Walkthrough [5]
      If you get too close it'll trigger. Shoot it from a safe distance and it will blow up. [...] Leave the room and go through the door that was previously protected by a proxy mine.