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prude +‎ -ify


prudify (third-person singular simple present prudifies, present participle prudifying, simple past and past participle prudified)

  1. (very rare) To make prudish.
    • 1829, The English in France, volume 1, page 139:
      Nor was he wrong, as far as regarded Gertrude and himself; Miss Freemantle soon forgetting her strange gallants, their hoped-for proposals, and the anticipated delight of weighing, and calculating and prudifying, previous to the magnanimous finale of rejection.
    • 2003, Bridges, volume 10, number 1-4, page 113:
      Of course, what was available to those literates was shaped by a complex of academics, journalizing mandarins, puffing publishers, and alternately propagandistic (read this) and prudifying (don't read that) politics.