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pud (penis) +‎ whacker


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pudwhacker (plural pudwhackers)

  1. (slang, derogatory) An annoying or contemptible person.
    • 1994, Debra Franklin, The Admirer, Kensington Publishing Corp (1994), →ISBN, page 123:
      [] Tell that sorry pudwhacker if he ever bothers me again I'll tell everyone at school I found a fag rag in one of his dresser drawers!"
    • 2000, Charles Stough, Warm Spit, Writers Club Press (2000), →ISBN, page 49:
      Some pudwhacker came up to Burt Alexander's grandpa and blew his brains all over the seat of his pickup.
    • 2014, Samuel W. Gailey, Deep Winter, Blue Rider Press (2014), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “Don't let 'em get to you, Danny. They're just a couple of stupid pudwhackers.”