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puftaloon (plural puftaloons)

  1. (Australia) A fried scone-like fritter originally from Australia.
    • 1983, Margaret Fulton, Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery: The Complete Kitchen Companion from A to Z, 2009, page 484,
      It seems that puftaloons are particular to Australia, where, traditionally, they are eaten hot with golden syrup or treacle. Puftaloons are a type of scone dough fried in plenty of hot dripping or a light vegetable oil.
    • 2002, Marion Houldsworth, Barefoot Through the Bindies: Growing Up in North Queensland in the Early 1900s, 2012, page 4,
      And the puftaloons that he would make! He′d mix up a batter and put them in the frying-pan. Puftaloons are just like scones, only they′re fried in the pan instead of baked in the oven, because we always had plenty of dripping. Puftaloons and syrup! We used to love them. That was a treat!
    • 2006, Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push, page 423,
      Returning to the kitchen she puts the kettle on for the hot water bottle, and takes some cold puftaloons from the icebox, placing them on the stove to warm for a few minutes while she writes a short note on a piece of quarto paper.