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Unclear. Some sources connect it to French pour la queue, from English pirl, purl (whirl, twirl). [1][2]


purlicue (plural purlicues)

  1. The space between one's forefinger and thumb.
    • 1992, After Tequila, in Weber Studies, volume 9, page 83:
      Last night I licked a man's hand in
      Evangelo's. I slid my tongue
      along the ridge of flesh that forms the purlicue,
      that bridge that connects thumb to forefinger,
      to make it receptive for salt.
    • 2001, Michele Hauf, Enchant Me Not, →ISBN, page 182:
      "Margot, what happened to taking things slowly?" "I'm sorry, I lose all rational thought when I am alone with you." She touched the purlicue on the hand []
    • 2003, Suzann Ledbetter, A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves, →ISBN, page 136:
      Won Li's attentions moved to the weblike purlicue between my thumb and forefinger.
    • 2010, Les Fehmi & Jim Robbins, Dissolving Pain, →ISBN, page 34:
      Can you imagine paying attention to the feeling of space between all of your fingers, just as you feel the purlicue between your thumb and index finger?
    • 2016, Emily Nagoski, Orally Pleasuring a Man, →ISBN:
      This technique uses the “purlicue,” the magic space between your thumb and extended forefinger on your left hand. Purlicue can also mean “a curl or flourish in writing.” This is an absolutely crucial body “part” in the context of hand jobs [...]. Master the artistry of the purlicue, my friend, and you've mastered the penis.

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