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push it (third-person singular simple present pushes it, present participle pushing it, simple past and past participle pushed it)

  1. (idiomatic) To make an extraordinary or risky effort; to behave in a way which tests the limits; to expect too much.
    • 1900, Anthony Hope, Tristram of Blent, ch. 20:
      "No hurry, give me time"—"don't push it"—"wait"—"do nothing"—"the status quo"—all these various phrases expressed Lord Southend's earnest and re-iterated advice."
    • 1989 Dec. 30, Frank Litsky, "Giants' Johnson Practicing Again," New York Times (retrieved 29 August 2013):
      This season, Johnson's back spasms returned after five games and he underwent surgery again. . . . "If it comes around well, I might be able to play. I'm not going to push it."
    • 2008 July 24, Bill Powell, "100 Olympic Athletes To Watch: Yao Ming," Time (retrieved 29 August 2013):
      [V]arious physicians in the U.S. have been quoted as saying that coming back this quickly from his particular injury is pushing it.
    • 2010, Andre Dubus, Adultery & Other Choices, ISBN 9781453299708, (Google preview):
      "Sometimes she lets me touch her, just the breasts you see, and that's fine, I don't push it."

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