pussy power

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Coined by Eldridge Cleaver in 1968 (see quotations, below).


pussy power (uncountable)

  1. (US) Power as held by women, especially seen as coming from inherently feminine qualities or from female sexual allure.
    • 1968, Eldridge Cleaver, Post-prison Writings and Speeches, Random House 1969, p. 143:
      You have the power to bring a squeaking halt to a lot of things that are going on, and we call that pussy power. We say that political power, revolution power grows out of the lips of a pussy.
    • 2002, Kath Albury, Yes Means Yes, Allen & Unwin 2002, p. 89:
      Before I get accused of channelling Camille Paglia, I will clarify this point. I do not think that pussy power is the only, or even the best, form of power for women.