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qepik (plural qepik)

  1. Alternative spelling of qapik
    • 2000, Martyn Bramwell, Northern and Western Asia ISBN 0822529157, page 37:
      Capital: Baku
      Language: Azeri Turkish
      Currency: Azeri manat (100 qepik)
    • 2007, The Corruption Notebooks 2006 ISBN 0615152120, page 25:
      Prices paid under the contract were 10 times higher than market rates: Lamps that cost 0.22 qepik (US$0.25) at any Baku shop were purchased for about 4 manat (US$5).
    • 2011, Mursal, a farmer quoted in the Oxfam in Azerbaijan Annual Report 2011:
      I spent 1000 Manats and sold the onions to the middlemen for 30 qepik per kilo but after one week the prices changed again and I calculated that I lost a lot of money.