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quack-salver (plural quack-salvers)

  1. Alternative form of quacksalver.
    • 1710, Abraham Cowley, “Cutter of Coleman-Street”, in The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley: In Two Volumes. Consisting of Those which were Formerly Printed; and Those which He Design’d for the Press; Publishd out of the Authors Original Copies. With The Cutter of Coleman-Street, volume II, 11th edition, London: Printed for J[acob] Tonson; and sold by D. Browne [et al.], OCLC 753371909, Act II, scene vii, page 832:
      Wid[ow]. Why, Man's Life is but a Flower, Mr. Jolly, and the Flower withers, and Man withers, as Mr. Knock-down obſerv'd laſt Sabbath-day at Evening Exerciſe: But, Neighbour, you're paſt the Flower, you've grown old as well as I— / Jol[ly]. I'the very Flower; that damn'd Quack-ſalver
    • 1910, Jeffrey Farnol, “Which Describes Sundry Happenings at the Fair, and Ends this First Book”, in The Broad Highway: A Romance of Kent, new and cheaper edition, London; Edinburgh: Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd., OCLC 919755165, book I, page 153:
      “I come before you, ladies and gentlemen, [] to introduce to you what I call my Elixir Anthropos— […]” [] [H]e listened intently to the quack-salver’s address, and from time to time his eyes would twinkle and his lips curve in an ironic smile.