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Blend of quad- +‎ perfecta


quadfecta (plural quadfectas)

  1. (gambling, horse racing) A bet in which the bettor must select the winners of the first four places (i.e., first, second, third, and fourth) of a race in the correct order.
    • 2010, George V. Bush, Magazine Man “A Slave To The Sale”, unnumbered page:
      He won the Superfecta and the Quadfecta all in the same day at Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles.
  2. (by extension) A set of four wins at related events; a set of four events.
    • 2008, Milwaukee Magazine, Volume 33, Issues 7-12, page 59,
      You can either carry or drag your boat through the tunnel to UPPER NASHOTAH LAKE to complete your chaino—lakes quadfecta.
    • 2010, Tyler DeAngelo, Brad Emmett, Learn Just Enough . . . to Get Laid, Seven Footer Press, US, page 100,
      It′s also the definitive Just Enough to Get Laid meal, incorporating cooking, wine, and French in an unstoppable three-pronged attack. Hell, say grace before you eat and you can hit what′s known as the Just Enough quadfecta.


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