quadruple bluff

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quadruple bluff (plural quadruple bluffs)

  1. The next bluff in sequence after a double bluff and a triple bluff
    • 1998, J Haiman, Talk is Cheap, Oxford university press, ISBN 9780195115253:
      The Reason it is not interpretable may be that while we can appreciate the difference between sincerity and a bluff, and even between a bluff and a double bluff, our minds aren’t yet rigged up to appreciate the difference between, say, a triple bluff and a quadruple bluff.
    • 2008, 28 February, Rt Revd Tim Thornton, Bishop of Sherborne, Lent lecture given to Salisbury Cathedral[1]:
      I have been given the topic of lust and immediately I wonder what it is that you are expecting, and as I wonder I try and think should I go for bluff, double bluff, triple bluff or quadruple bluff.
    • 2008, 4 November, J Beresford, TV Scoop review[2]:
      everything I was told as if it was at least a double-bluff and more likely a triple- or quadruple-bluff
    • 2008 September 23, L Mangan, “The spy who came unstuck on national TV”, in The Guardian[3]:
      Clearly, Britain's only hope is that the whole story is part of an elaborate, black-ops quadruple bluff designed to lull Johnny Foreigner into a false sense of security over the apparently shambolic nature of our national defence system.


quadruple bluff (third-person singular simple present quadruple bluffs, present participle quadruple bluffing, simple past and past participle quadruple bluffed)

  1. To perform a quadruple bluff