quantum limit

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The spectroscopic sense is first attested in the 1920s; the measurement sense was coined by Vladimir Braginsky in a 1967 paper, and was originally restricted to the study of gravitational waves.


quantum limit (plural quantum limits)

  1. (physics) The limit on measurement accuracy at quantum scales due to back-action effects.
    • 1995, Vladimir Borisovich Braginskiĭ and Farid Ya. Khalili, Quantum Measurement [1], →ISBN, page i:
      "This book is essential reading for all scientists and engineers the potential applications of technology near the quantum limit."
  2. (spectroscopy) The shortest wavelength in an X-ray spectrum.
    • 1935, Donald Stover Piston, The Polarization of X-rays from Thin Targets [2], page 4:
      "The voltage and wave-length at the quantum limit of the spectrum under investigation are denoted by ν0 and λ0."

Derived terms[edit]