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quasi-science (plural quasi-sciences)

  1. Alternative form of quasiscience
    • 2010, Massimo Pigliucci, Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk, →ISBN, page 302:
      Thus the demarcation problem remains, and throughout this book we examined many of its facets, looking for insights from the history of science, discussions about the alleged difference between soft and hard science, and critical analyses of quasi-science and downright pseudoscience.
    • 2011, James Gregory, Victorians Against the Gallows, →ISBN:
      Mesmerism, another quasi-science with radical connections, attracted the interest of W.J. Fox, William Ewart and the temporary S.A.C.P. secretary, the Quaker Henry Thomas Humphreys, who also investigated spiritualism in the company of the scientist (and life-long abolitionist) Alfred Russel Wallace.
    • 2015, Thorstein Veblen & ‎Richard F. Teichgraeber, The Higher Learning in America, →ISBN:
      Such a quasi-science necessarily takes the current situation for granted as a permanent state of things; to be corrected and brought back into its normal routine in case of aberration, and to be safeguarded with apologetic defense at points where it is not working to the satisfaction of all parties.