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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English qued, quede, queed, quaad, from Old English *cwēad, *cwǣd (evil, bad), from Proto-Germanic *kwēdaz (bad, ugly), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷēdh- (muck, excrement, dung, filth, disgust, vermin). Cognate with Old Frisian quād ("bad, evil"; West Frisian kwea), Dutch kwaad (evil, bad), Low German quaad (bad, evil, sinful, mean, angry), Middle High German quāt (evil, bad). Related also to Old English cwēad (dung, dirt, filth), Old Frisian quāt (dung, manure), Middle Low German quāt (dirt, filth), German Kot (dung, feces, filth, muck).


qued (comparative more qued, superlative most qued)

  1. Bad; evil.

Derived terms[edit]


qued (uncountable)

  1. Evil; harm.
  2. An evil person; especially, the evil one; the devil.