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From queer +‎ -hood.


queerhood (uncountable)

  1. The state or condition of being queer; queerness
    • 1995, John Preston, ‎Michael Lowenthal, Friends and lovers:
      It's not that I'm proud of how I found out or that I think that closeted dildoes alone are enough to indict him for closeted queerhood. There's more to it, and that can only be revealed in the telling of the whole story.
    • 2002, Lee Williams, Author of destiny: also known as the Ochoa case - Page 59:
      I stand naked inside an enormous shell, my long hair cascading modestly over my crack. Like I was saying, it seems to me that most folks must range somewhere between knee-jerk queerhood of Dell and the in-your-face hetero world of Zorn.
    • 2005, Krystyna Slany, ‎Beata Kowalska, ‎Marcin Śmietana, Homoseksualizm: perspektywa interdyscyplinarna - Page 130:
      There is something truly dangerous in this global response to queerhood, something that should lead us towards a more global co-operation in our attempts to build a sexual politics and fight back against homophobia.
    • 2013, Laszlo Kürti, ‎Peter Skalnik, Postsocialist Europe: Anthropological Perspectives from Home:
      There are also Polish branches of other international associations. But it is still, I am afraid, far from 'global queerhood'. What we have here is rather an attempt to adopt organizational forms that proved suitable elsewhere to Polish conditions.

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