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quick-handed +‎ -ness


quick-handedness (uncountable)

  1. The quality or state of being quick-handed.
    • 2002, John Cassidy & B. C. Rimbeaux, Juggling for the Complete Klutz, →ISBN:
      This is an interesting trick, but I include it with some reluctance because it requires one very quick-handed juggler, and since quick-handedness and klutziness are not often associated, this might create a problem.
    • 2010, Gémino H. Abad, Underground Spirit: 1983 to 1989, →ISBN, page 163:
      He is known to steal from the Treasury, but so far he has not been caught because of his quick-handedness.
    • 2014, David Jason, David Jason: My Life, →ISBN, page 134:
      It was a scene where Fagin was counting money on a table, very quickly sorting these coins into piles and slapping them down on the surface so that, as well as being a mesmerising piece of quick-handedness, the whole routine had this brilliant noise and rhythm to it — chik-chik-chik-chik, slap! chik-chik-chik-chik, slap! Superb.