quod nomen tibi est

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Alternative forms[edit]


From quod (which) + est (it is) third-person form of sum (I am) + nomen (name) + tibi (to you), the singular dative of tu (you). Literally meaning "what is the name to you?" or "what is your name?".


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /kʷod ˈnoː.men ˈti.bi est/, [kʷɔd ˈnoː.mɛn ˈtɪ.bɪ ɛst]


quod nōmen tibi est?

  1. what is your name?
    • c. 190–185, Plautus, Amphitryon 1.1:
      SOSIA: Amphitruo, qui nunc praefectust Thebanis legionibus, quicum nupta est Alcumena.
      MERCURY: Quid ais? Quid nomen tibi est?
      SOSIA: Amphitryon, who is now the general of the Theban forces, to whom Alcmena is married.
      MERCURY: How say you? What is your name?