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From quid + -em (as in id-em).



quidem (not comparable) (postpositive)

  1. indeed
  2. in fact (emphatic)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Not to be confused with quidam.
  • Sometimes emphasizes the word that comes before it.
  • e.g. Magister quidem verba dēpōnentia coniūgātiōnis prīmae imperāvit, sed haec sunt mihi enigma.
  • quidem magis: even more, especially.

Derived terms[edit]


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    • according to my opinion: ut mihi quidem videtur
    • according to my opinion: mea (quidem) sententia
    • to be ignorant of even the elements of logic: dialecticis ne imbutum quidem esse
    • nominally; really: verbo, nomine; re, re quidem vera
    • to say not a syllable about a person: ne verbum (without unum) quidem de aliquo facere
    • so much for this subject...; enough has been said on..: atque or sed haec (quidem) hactenus
    • so much for this subject...; enough has been said on..: atque haec quidem de...
    • this much he said: haec (quidem) ille
    • there is something in what you say; you are more or less right: est istuc quidem aliquid
    • no wonder: nec mirum, minime mirum (id quidem), quid mirum?
    • quite rightly: et recte (iure) quidem
    • quite rightly: recte, iure id quidem
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