ne quidem

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+ quidem.




  1. not even
    Ne Hercules quidem adversus duos.
    Not even Hercules fights against two.
    Ne Juppiter quidem omnibus placet.
    Not even Jupiter pleases everyone.
    Nam Tiberius cuncta per consules incipiebat, tamquam vetere re publica et ambiguus imperandi: ne edictum quidem, quo patres in curiam vocabat, nisi tribuniciae potestatis praescriptione posuit sub Augusto acceptae.
    For Tiberius would inaugurate everything with the consuls, as though the ancient constitution remained, and he hesitated about being emperor. Even the proclamation by which he summoned the senators to their chamber, he issued merely with the title of Tribune, which he had received under Augustus.
    Ne vestigium quidem ullum est reliquum nobis dignitatis.
    Not even a trace of our dignity is left to us.
    Ingrata patria, ne ossa quidem habebis.
    Ungrateful fatherland, you will not even have my bones.