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  • (Classical) IPA(key): /kʷiːn.kʷaː.ɡeːˈnaː.ri.us/, [kᶣiːŋ.kʷaː.ɡeːˈnaː.ri.ʊs]


quīnquāgēnārius (feminine quīnquāgēnāria, neuter quīnquāgēnārium); first/second declension

  1. number fifty (attributive)
  2. fifty-year-old
    • 1663, William Clark (advocate), “Scaena Septima”, in William H. Logan, editor, Marciano; or, the Discovery. A Tragi-Comedy.[1], Edinburgh: Reprinted for Private Circulation, published 1871, page 38:
      [] for, although, I be quinquagenarius, or fifty years of age, yet what Virgin in Florence will respuat me when I abound in riches, []


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative quīnquāgēnārius quīnquāgēnāria quīnquāgēnārium quīnquāgēnāriī quīnquāgēnāriae quīnquāgēnāria
genitive quīnquāgēnāriī quīnquāgēnāriae quīnquāgēnāriī quīnquāgēnāriōrum quīnquāgēnāriārum quīnquāgēnāriōrum
dative quīnquāgēnāriō quīnquāgēnāriō quīnquāgēnāriīs
accusative quīnquāgēnārium quīnquāgēnāriam quīnquāgēnārium quīnquāgēnāriōs quīnquāgēnāriās quīnquāgēnāria
ablative quīnquāgēnāriō quīnquāgēnāriā quīnquāgēnāriō quīnquāgēnāriīs
vocative quīnquāgēnārie quīnquāgēnāria quīnquāgēnārium quīnquāgēnāriī quīnquāgēnāriae quīnquāgēnāria