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lower case (upper case )

  1. The letter r with a tilde.
  2. (Hausa linguistics) Sometimes used instead of <r> to indicate the rolled R, by contrast with the tapped R which is also written <r>.
    • 1996, Nicholas Awde, Hausa-English/English-Hausa Practical Dictionary,[1] Hippocrene Books, ISBN 978-0781804264, page vi:
      A tilde over an r indicates that it is rolled/trilled, not flapped: , .
    • 2001, Philip J. Jaggar, Hausa, John Benjamins Publishing Company, ISBN 978-90-272-3807-8, page 8:
      The symbol (with the tilde diacritic) differentiates the alveolar tap/roll from the retroflex native flap r [ɽ], a phonemic contrast which is not marked in Hausa orthography (§16).
    • 2007, Paul Newman, A Hausa–English Dictionary, Yale University Press, ISBN 978-0-300-12246-6, page x:
      Hausa has two partially contrastive R sounds: a retroflex flap and a roll/tap. These are not distinguished in the standard orthography nor in Hausa written in Arabic script (termed ajami). In this dictionary (as well as in the companion English–Hausa Dicitonary and The Hausa Language), the difference between the two R’s is overtly marked as a pronunciation guide. (The distinction is, however, ignored for the purposes of alphabetization.) The flap R, e.g., rānā “sun”, is transcribed with the ordinary r symbol. The roll/tap R, e.g., r̃ahā̀ “pleasant chatting”, is written as (i.e., r with a tilde).