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racist +‎ -ly


racistly (comparative more racistly, superlative most racistly)

  1. in a racist manner
    • 1968, Rudwick, Elliott M., (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1], University of Pennsylvania Press, ISBN 9780689701696, LCCN 68016418, OL 7728302M, page 298:
      However, cultural pluralism was rejected by many whites, who ethnocentrically and racistly affirmed the inherent superiority of their own group, and who maintained that accommodation between the races could be established only on the basis of dominance and submission. They demanded separateness, but not equality.
    • 1970 March 5, Seale, Bobby, Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton, published 1991, ISBN 9780933121300, OL 8387726M:
      The only way that the world is ever going to be free is when the youth of this country moves with every principle of human respect and with every soft spot we have in our hearts for human life, in a fashion that lets the pig power structure know that when people are racistly and fascistically attacked, the youth will put a foot in their butts and make their blood chill.
    • 1981, Chin, Frank, The Chickencoop Chinaman; And, The Year of the Dragon: Two Plays, Seattle: University of Washington Press, published 2002, ISBN 9780295958330, page 3:
      In his senility, he still loves racistly, blesses racistly, shoots straight and is cuckoo with the notion that white folks are not white folks but just plain folks.