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randominity (uncountable)

  1. (uncountable, nonstandard) Randomness.
    • 2000 February 15, Allen “Johnny Favorite” Brunson, “toys”, alt.thanatos, Usenet
      I can’t in good conscience subject a kid to, say, Bingo, where you don’t do anything but sit there and wait for your numbers to come up. Where is the joy in crushing your enemy? “Ha ha ha, the laws of randominity smiled on me and not you?”
    • 2000 April 6, Graham Webb, “testing randominity”, sci.crypt.random-numbers, Usenet
    • 2001 December 16, Brian Mueller, “Re: Atheists try 2 explain away these 6 circumstances”, alt.atheism, sci.physics, and alt.philosophy, Usenet
      the universe is uncaused. the creation of the universe was inevitable. Or, depending on how we chose to interpret science, the cosmos has always existed, and this universe in particular was inevitable. In any case it came about as the result of randominity.
    • 2004 June, Dodie Bellamy, Pink Steam, page 16, Suspect Thoughts Press
      I’m slouched against the wall, over my head hangs our “Barbara Steele diptych” Kevin grabs the side of his head and silently screams in mock horror at the randominity of it all.
    • 2006 May, Joseph Trudeau, Randominity, cover page, Independent publication
      randominity n. 1. A state of excessive chaotic, creative and whimsical energy. Pointless; obscure; irrelevant.