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From Rawlplug (a trademark); from the name of the original inventor, John Joseph Rawlings, and plug.


rawl plug (plural rawl plugs)

  1. A wall plug.
    • 1983, David Plante, Difficult women: a memoir of three
      After a large lunch in her kitchen, she showed me up to the bathroom with the collapsing shelf. She had bought a box of rawl plugs []
    • 2006, John Gregory Betancourt, Sean Wallace, Horror: The Best of the Year, 2006 Edition
      In the morning, Mark found himself up a ladder in the hall with a drill, a pocketful of Rawl plugs and a mouthful of language.
    • 2002, Barbara Houseman, Finding your voice: a step-by-step guide for actors
      Andrew Wade, the Head of Voice at the RSC, had the brilliant idea of using the small plastic tubes you can buy in DIY shops, to cut up and use as rawl plugs []