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rear +‎ seat


rearseat (plural rearseats)

  1. The back seat of a vehicle.
    • 1983, David L. Lewis, "Sex and the Automobile: From Rumble Seats to Rockin' Vans", in The Automobile and American Culture (eds. David L. Lewis & Laurence Goldstein), University of Michigan Press (1983), →ISBN, page 128:
      Long before the van era, manufacturers designed beds into their vehicles by folding front seatbacks into rearseat cushions.
    • 2005, John B. Lundstrom, The First Team: Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to Midway, Naval Institute Press (2005), →ISBN:
      Page 199: Robert B. Buchan, another VB-2 pilot, reported his rearseat man downed a Japanese fighter.
      Page 268: One was flown by Hall, who was shot through both legs, and the other by Swanson, with his dead rearseat man.
    • 2007, Tom Strongman, "2007 Toyota Tundra‎", Kansas City Star, 11 August 2007:
      The CrewMax sacrifices a foot of bed length for a huge cabin whose rearseat legroom would make many a limousine blush.
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