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re- +‎ assert


reassert (third-person singular simple present reasserts, present participle reasserting, simple past and past participle reasserted)

  1. assert again
    • 2012 April 15, Phil McNulty, “Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea”, in BBC[1]:
      Gareth Bale gave his side hope with a goal shortly afterwards but the real damage was done and Chelsea reasserted their authority to finish easy winners with further goals from Ramires, Frank Lampard and Florent Malouda.
    • 2006, Nikki R. Keddie, Yann Richard, Modern Iran: roots and results of revolution, Yale University Press, page 120
      They were tied to a revived religious class that took advantage of the end of anticlerical despotism to reassert Islamic views and practices and to regain some of their former sociopolitical status.

Derived terms[edit]