red chamber

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The Red Chamber of the Senate of Canada (Parliament Building, Ottawa)

Proper noun[edit]

the red chamber

  1. (Canada, politics, informal, sometimes capitalized) The assembly hall in which the Senate of Canada convenes; the Senate of Canada itself.
    • 2009 Aug. 27, "Former NHL coach Demers headed to Senate," The Star (Toronto, Canada) (retrieved 20 April 2016):
      He hopes his life story – of the illiterate ex-hockey coach turned Conservative senator – can inspire others. Jacques Demers . . . is slated for a seat in the red chamber, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today.
    • 2015 July 24, Jason Fekete, "Stephen Harper says he will not appoint any more senators to ‘unaccountable’ upper house," National Post (Canada) (retrieved 20 April 2016):
      Harper announced Friday he will not appoint senators to a red chamber that already has 22 vacancies as long as the government can continue passing legislation.
    • 2016 March 18, "How might an independent Senate work?," Macleans (Canada) (retrieved 20 April 2016):
      Seven new senators will soon take their seats in the Red Chamber, appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.