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redhanded (comparative more redhanded, superlative most redhanded)

  1. Alternative spelling of red-handed
    • 1913, Edwin Carlile Litsey, A Maid of the Kentucky Hills, ISBN 1465508600:
      Never seen 'im but onct—mought be a redhanded 'sass'n—ur a thief—ur—ur—ur anythin'!
    • 1936, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the territory of Arizona, Volume 47, page 239:
      ...the prosecuting attorney referred to the defendant as a “murderer” in one instance, and in another as a “redhanded murderer.”
    • 1993, Steven Culbert, The Beautiful Woman Without Mercy &, The King of Scarecrows, ISBN 1880909030, page 54:
      No, Yellow Hat had stupidly, I'm sure, jailed me in Fate's main vault!; he'd put a redhanded thief rover adrift but jailed in a warehouse of his main desire.