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re- +‎ digest


redigest (third-person singular simple present redigests, present participle redigesting, simple past and past participle redigested)

  1. (transitive) To digest again.
    • 1875, Alphonse René le Mire de Normandy, Henry Minchin Noad, The Commercial Hand-book of Chemical Analysis treat the metal with nitro-hydrochloric acid, evaporate to dryness, redigest with hydrochloric acid, and then precipitate the filtered solution...
    • 1938, John Green Sims, Whither, World?
      ...but the professors had not digested their knowledge with practical execution in mind, with the result that my boy is having to redigest it.
    • John James William Rogers, Paul Geoffrey Feiss, People and the Earth
      The ability of ruminants to rework their feed and continually redigest it enables them to gain more nourishment...