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Alternative forms[edit]


re- +‎ fax


refax (third-person singular simple present refaxes, present participle refaxing, simple past and past participle refaxed)

  1. To fax again; to send again by fax machine.
    • 1991, The Bulletin, Issues 5759-5767, page 8,
      Dix reckons he has refaxed 17000 pages in this way over the past eight months.
    • 2006, Dolf De Roos, Gene Burns, The Insider's Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks: Acquire Your Real Estate Fortune Now, page 92,
      “I'd come home and my fax machine would literally be stacked with counteroffers,” Gene said. “I'd just sign and refax, sign and refax.
    • 2008, Michael Soussan, Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy, page 162,
      The decision to use CNN as a diplomatic channel was critical for the Iraqis; if they had waited for their letter to be faxed and re-faxed through the normal channels [] the news might have reached President Clinton a few minutes too late.