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Etymology 1[edit]

Clipping of refurbish


refurb (third-person singular simple present refurbs, present participle refurbing, simple past and past participle refurbed)

  1. (informal) to refurbish
    • 2002, Chris C. Davidson, A Time for Everything: Even Time Could Not Stand in Their Way[1], iUniverse, →ISBN, page 235:
      Arrangements were made for deliveries, then he found a furnishings outlet and purchased what he felt he needed to refurb the place with essentials.
    • 2007, Pippa de Bruyn, “The Mother City: Cape Town & The Winelands”, in Frommer's South Africa[2], 5 edition, Frommer's, →ISBN, page 153:
      The Three Cities group has done a wonderful job of restoring and refurbing the building, which once housed the run-down Swiss Excelsior Hotel
    • 2008, Thomas Sherry, Shatter[3], Book 2 of Deep Winter,, →ISBN, page 106:
      Alan had stashed a number of them in his garage, waiting for time to refurb them.

Etymology 2[edit]

Clipping of refurbished


refurb (plural refurbs)

  1. (informal) a thing that has been refurbished
    Most of the trains running today are refurbs.
    • 2005, Roger Emile Stouff, “March”, in Native Waters: A Few Moments in a Small Wooden Boat[4], iUniverse, →ISBN, Here at the Beginning of All Things, page 60:
      I paid $75 for a refurb Horrock-Ibbotson single-tip eight-and-a-half footer which casts like a dream.
    • 2005, William M. Lolli, Backup 2 Disk Now! Advanced Design and Scalability Guide for Backup for Workgroups[5], Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, Spare Hardware Ensures a Successful Recovery, page 172:
      But what do you do if you already have equipment that you bought, on the cheap, and you don't know whether or not it is a refurb or not?
    • 2009, Gregory Karp, “How to Buy Stuff”, in The 1-2-3 Money Plan - The Three Most Important Steps to Saving and Spending Smart[6], FT Press, →ISBN, page 139:
      However, before buying a refurb, investigate how the retailer defines “refurbished.” And find out about the return policy and what warranty you’ll get.¶ The safest place to buy a refurb is from a manufaturer.

Etymology 3[edit]

Clipping of refurbishment


refurb (plural refurbs)

  1. (informal) The act of refurbishing
    The refurb program is progressing on schedule
    • 2005, Tony McNulty MP, Integrated Transport: The Future of Light Rail and Modern Trams in the United Kingdom; Tenth Report of Session 2004-05[7], volume II, House of Commons Transport Committee, →ISBN, 9 March 2005 Mr Tony McNulty MP and Mr Bob Linnard., page 30, Q258:
      Whatever happens long-term, we are going to have phase III, the refurb, the modernisation of Bury-Altrincham, and all that does need to happen and happen soon.
    • 2005, Emmah Duffus, Charlotte Purssord,, Emmah Fuffus, editor, Where to Wear London 2006: Fashion Shopping From A-Z[8], Where to Wear International, →ISBN, page 41:
      A redent refurb means that there is now a larger play area for children, with a table and crayons to amuse them while you flex Daddy's Amex.
    • 2009, David Else, Lonely Planet England[9], 5 edition, Lonely Planet, →ISBN, Cumbria & the Lake District, page 713:
      At the time of writing, Ambleside YHA was due to close for a refurb and planning to reopen in April 2009