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religion +‎ -ism


religism (countable and uncountable, plural religisms)

  1. Prejudice based on religious affiliation.
    • 1999 June 27, Keith Sullivan, “Need Beanie Baby Jokes (Bonus)”, in alt.humor, Usenet:
      BRIGADE Few religisms have swept through America as swiftly and completely as the Beanie Babies® Brigade.
    • 2008, Raj Singh Badhesha, James M. Schmidtke, Anne Cummings, & Scott D. Moore, “The effects of diversity training on specific and general attitudes toward diversity”, in Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, volume 2, number 2:
      This work informs our study of ageism and religism because it suggests that one stereotype may be perceived as more negative than another (based on the content of the group's categorization), and consequently more difficult for diversity awareness training to address.
    • 2013, Neil S. Davies, God Moves: The End of a Journey and the Start of a Pilrimage, →ISBN, page 52:
      I was more than happy with just remaining a deist, and this made me realize that I had a fundamental problem with religion as a whole: over the centuries, we have somehow managed to put God in a box and wrap it in multiple layers of tradition, dogma, and religism—so much so, that we have effectively organized God out of organized religion.
    • 2015 Winter, Phu Phan, Holly Vugia, & Terry Jones, “Cultural Competence for College Students: How to Teach about Race, Gender and Inequalities”, in Thought & Action, page 80:
      Clearly, more dimensions could be added to this layered model, including ableism, religism, cultureism, heightism, sizeism, lookism, or rankism.